Over the past 10 months I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with the Team at Blue Orchid. For the first time in The Bahamas, I have found a company who “gets it” and has very quickly understood my business and has been able to infuse their expertise into making my business grow and expand all at once.

For far too long I have had to explain, over and over, over and over and did I say, over and over again what my business is and then had to wait even longer for companies to get back to me with thoughts, ideas and average creative options.

The Team at Blue Orchid has very quickly understood my world of business and in doing so – allowed us to get on a platform of creative concepts and ideas – all to allow my business to get to the next level of performance!
— Shawn M. Sawyer | Creative Director & President | Cacique International Ltd.
We didn’t choose Blue Orchid to work with us because they were local and available. We chose Blue Orchid because they were the very best, anywhere, to fulfill our needs. Passionate, creative, nimble, business savvy and collaborative. As a business leader, those are the traits I look for in any team member, internal or external.

David and his team have been extraordinary to work with. They have integrated into our organization and with all of our marketing partners. While primarily tasked with work on social media, as a great team player, they are of value to the entire marketing spectrum.

Thank you Blue Orchid for all your incredibly talented work.
— Howard Karawan | President & Managing Director | Atlantis Resorts
Thank you Blue Orchid for your infectious energy, creativity and passion. In the course of 2016, working together in true team spirit, we were able to significantly strengthen CBL’s position in the light beer segment with “Who You Callin’ Light,” followed by Kalik Platinum - The Bahamas #1 party beer -launch campaign using local ambassadors in the “Dat Kind Of Beer” campaign and supporting Kalik Regular with “Dis Is How We K’lik.”

All campaigns celebrated the spirit of being Bahamian in unique ways, utilizing social influencers and Bahamian talent. Blue Orchid did a great job nailing down our strategy to creative proposals and ultimately to high quality executions! The Addy Award for Best Social Media Campaign was truly well-deserved!
— Katarzyna Malczewska | Marketing Director | Commonwealth Brewery Ltd.
Blue Orchid enables the brand’s advertising creative ceiling to be infinite. The Blue Orchid team’s engagement, passion and commitment to delivering quality work is unmatched. Every new project is an exciting joyride!
— Queswell Ferguson | Kalik Brand Manager | Commonwealth Brewery Ltd.
“We have had the opportunity to work with the Blue Orchid team over the last year. We have found them to be very professional and committed to giving the best work.

It is notable how they strive to thoroughly understand your objectives so that their work meets your expectations and target market to provide the absolute best marketing results. Most of all, their quality of work produced is of the highest standards. We will continue to recommend Blue Orchid.”
— Heather Saunders President & CEO | X-Press It
Creativity is fueled by curiosity and excellence is fueled by a passion for making a difference in your field. The Blue Orchid creative team, especially Valentino, David and Kovah, who I know well, possess that in spades. They are students of the best ideas and the highest standards, and they bring inspired thinking and execution to everything they touch. And they are good people, fun people. Selfishly, I wish they were still “mine”! But now the world is their oyster and I am bursting with pride!
— Denise Godreau | Chief Marketing Officer | SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment (former Baha Mar CMO)
I had the pleasure of working with the principals of Blue Orchid on a large hospitality project - Baha Mar. They were wonderful strategic partners, but their key differentiator was that they provided me with great confidence that their creativity was not just theoretical. They would dream big, but the execution matched the dream and the results always exceeded my expectations. They offered smart recommendations and those ideas led to results that fueled the growth of the organization.

Additionally, they are kind people and a pleasure to do business with. Not only did we work hard to propel the organization together, but we created key friendships along the way.
— Alyssa Bushey | Vice President | Rock Orange
The team at Blue Orchid is incredibly creative and talented. They support the airport’s social media program and play a vital role in rebranding the airport. Their strategic marketing counsel has been invaluable. Thank you Blue Orchid!
— Jan Knowles | VP Marketing & Communications | Nassau Airport Development
Once I had sat down with the Blue Orchid team, I realised very quickly that I was speaking to a team of consummate professionals that were authentic people, with a genuine passion for what they did.

It was that so-called ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling one gets when you know in your gut - you’re speaking to the right set of people. There was no longer the need for me to fly back to London to seek out the right firm there, when there is a cutting edge media / advertising team right in front of my face.

During the creation process I was able to just let go of my ideas and the Blue Orchid Team began to shape my thoughts into a specific narrative like the team from the film Inception.

Before I realised what had happened, I got exactly what I was asking for without exception, without compromise, and without having to second guess my decision to contract them to do the job. These guys are spot on ! A sincere thanks and appreciation.
— Krishna C. Murray | CEO & President | Andromeda Global UK PLC
We needed a website and social media content that would capture our food and be able to tell our story. Since people eat with their eyes first, it was important to showcase vibrant pictures and content that articulated our brand.

Blue Orchid’s work has made a significant difference in our business. It increased our online traffic, helped build our brand and reach our target audience. The Blue Orchid team’s ability to showcase our food and the story connected to our food enables guests to immerse themselves into our product before stepping into the restaurant.
— Monica Hutchinson | Executive Chef & Culinary Producer | Lukka Kairi